Dr. Walt Vieweg

Barisax, alto sax, flute and harmonica. My favorite instrument is the barisax. I love it's deep warm tones, which help lay a song’s foundation, along with the bass.

When and why I started playing: 
I started studying music at age 6. My dad was an excellent trumpeter who taught me how to read music and play the trumpet. From there, I studied woodwinds at the Willoughby Fine Arts and taught trumpet at the Cleveland Supplementary Education Center.

What triggered my interest in music:
(See above). I have been performing in bands since my teens. But my greatest pleasure has been having the chance to perform with my talented daughter (see more on Carrie Hare on this page) in various groups, including The Diamond Project Band, where she is a vocalist.

Favorite Neil Diamond song and why:
“I Am I Said.” Neil wrote this with deep emotion. The song exhibits beauty, passion and dynamics — all the makings of an exceptional ballad.

Favorite non-Neil artist:
Chicago. Powerful high-energy blend of multiple horns, coupled with creative writing.

Day job:
Physician for a large hospital system, where I am medical director of occupational medicine — treating work-related injuries and performing specialty exams, such as pilot physicals and immigration exams for the government.

Dream job:
Anchoring the barisax position in a large, full orchestra.

First concert ever attended, where and how old I was: 
John Denver. Loved it!