Friends we have a full 2021 schedule from May to the end of the year including many fall and holiday shows. Below is our most recent summer schedule. There could be a few more to come. We are one happy band!

5/15/21 - Music Box
6/13/21 - 2:00pm Tommy Amato Rock Relief Slim & Chubbys Strongsville

6/19/21 - 6:30pm Tallmadge Music on the Circle 213 Tallmadge Cir.

6/20/21 - 2:00pm Whiskey Island Cleve.  2800 Whiskey Island Dr.

6/26/21 - 6:00pm The Grove Amphtr. Mayfield Villge 425 N. Common          6/30/21 - 6:30pm Willoughby Summer Concert North Park 
7/1/21 -   6:00pm Western Reserve Masonic Home 4931 Nettleton Rd.
7/3/21 -   6:00pm Avon Lake Rockin the Rails Beach Park Station Lake Rd.

7/7/21 -   7:00PM Brooklyn Summer Concert Grand Pavillion Memphis Ave.

7/17/21 - 7:00pm Strongsville Home Days Corner of 82 and Pearl Rd.
8/7/21 -   7:00pm Whiskey Island Cleve. 2800 Whiskey Island Dr
8/13/21 - 7:00pm Mapleside Summer Concert 294 Pearl Rd. Brunswick Oh.
8/19/21 - 8:00pm Music Box Supper Club 1148 Main Ave. Cleve.
8/26/21 - 7:00pm Willoughby Gazebo
9/5/21 -   1:00pm Oktoberfest Berea Fairgrounds
9/6/21 -   12:30PM Barberton Labor Day Celebration Lake Anna

9/11/21-  Lyndhurst HOME DAYS ttbd (evening)

9/18/21- 7:00pm FOP Ravenna Fundraiser

9/23/21- Michauds Event Center in Strongsville Oh. and RSM Events                              a "Neil Diamond Brunch and Dinner Show"

                Brunch Show- Noon    Dinner Show- 6:30pm

                TICKETS: 216-744-7090

9/24/21-The Croation Lodge and RSM Events presents a "Neil Diamond                     Brunch and Dinner Show"

               Brunch Show- Noon     Dinner Show- 6:30pm

               TICKETS: 216-744-7090

10/2/21- 7:00pm Grapevine Tx. Sunset Love at Meadowmere

10/9/21- Village of Brooklyn Hts. Oh. 7:00pm

10/17/21- Noon "Neil Diamond Brunch" Music Box Supper Club Cleveland

                  TICKETS: https://musicboxcle.com/event/neil-diamond-brunch-oct17/