Alan Sponseller
Trombonist, attorney and resident pragmatic, rational, reasonable conservative

When and why I started playing:
Started playing trombone in fifth grade, circa 1965. My uncle played the trombone. My grand-nephew is carrying on the tradition, with me as his inspiration. (He’s too young to know any better).

What triggered my interest in music:
Uncle Bob was the start, but female vocalists when I hit puberty continued my interest. One thing led to another — concert band, marching band, pit orchestra, jazz band, big band, making out on school band trips…

Favorite Neil Diamond song and why: 
Probably “Brooklyn Roads.” It’s very relatable and nostalgic at this stage in my life.

Favorite non-Neil artist:
I’m a big band nerd—drives my wife and daughter crazy. So any of those dead guys, and the Spitfire Band is a pretty good modern knock-off.

Day job:
Semi-retired lawyer, gadfly and renaissance man.

Dream job:
I’ve got a few. My first love was writing. A Major League Baseball front-office gig. A professional poker player. International man of mystery. Jane Seymour’s paramour (the actress, not the queen).

First concert ever attended, where and how old I was: 
I honestly can’t remember. (Reference Gary Gomez’s (Neil Diamond’s) commentary re: the ’60s at one of our gigs).